Jacqueline Filkins

I believe in the power of active networking with knowledgeable colleagues in order to influence change and providing support. In mid-1990’s a small group of nurse directors met with a view of forming an Association of European Nurse Directors (Leaders) to work towards that goal. I became a founder member of ENDA and its 1st President; a position I held for many years.
In order to identify what the strategic goals for the Association were, I led, on behalf of the Board, a SWOT analysis amongst all members. Its purpose was to understand similarities and variances in their roles as nurse leaders. This work led to the formulation of the vision for ENDA and its goals. Next step was to draw up ENDA’s statutes and identify clear roles and responsibilities for the Board and its members. These statutes are in the process of being updated again.
ENDA is in a unique position to influence policies that benefit patients at local and national levels. The professionalism of nursing is paramount to achieving such goals through education. On appointment as Dean of a Faculty of Health, I handed over the Presidency of ENDA and became its Honorary President. I remain committed and active within ENDA and wider afield by being invited guest speaker and/or change facilitator.