The Specialist Nurse in the European Healthcare towards 2030

Dear Members, dear Friends,
we are happy to inform you that the abstract module for the Congress 2021 is now open for submission (see link below). Please forward it to your Association Members and encourage them to submit abstracts to the Conference.


This link is also added to the ESNO website:
The Congress 2021 is the last of a sequence of three under the umbrella concept “The Specialist Nurse in the European Healthcare towards 2030” and it will emphasise the importance of an harmonised education and recognition in the European context. 
he Congress will be mainly an online event as it will be expected that in the period of February 2021 we could have still travelling restrictions related to Coronavirus or Influenza. However, with these restrictions we also see opportunities to have more nurse from Europe engaging online, individually or in company.

The Congress will be held in the afternoon on February 25th, 26th and 27th. We would like to encourage you to save the dates and to engage as an individual person or as part of a company/association to the online event from all European regions. Prior to the congress, an ongoing video tour will start on all coming presentations and introductions of speakers.

We are looking forward to meet you there, full of enthusiasm.
Maria Teresa Parisotto

ESNO Executive Director
Mobile: +39 345 4649788