August 2020

Covid-19: Ethical issues for nurses

We are living in unprecedented times and nurses are being lauded globally for putting themselves in the front line against the Covid-19 pandemic. It is but a few months since 15,500 nurses in Northern Ireland went on strike because of a lack of pay parity with their colleagues in the … Read more

Nurse prescribing of medicines in 13 Europ…

Nurse prescribing of medicines in 13 European countries Claudia B. Maier Correspondence:; 1Department of Healthcare Management, Technische Universität Berlin H 80, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin, Germany 2Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Claire Fagin Hall, 418 Curie Blvd, … Read more

Conception of COVID-19 Auxiliary Hospital …

The following experience report describes the development of a Personnel Concept in the field of patient medical care for the operation of the COVID-19 Auxiliary Hospital at the Hannover Exhibition Centre. The focus of the challenge was the creation of a Training Concept to provide adequate staff for patient care … Read more