ENDA Strategy

The Strategic Aims of the Association are to:

  • Foster evidence-based nursing care through excellence in nursing leadership for the benefit of patients, clients, their family and the community in accordance with ENDA’s Code of Ethics.
  • Influence nursing developments at national and European level.
  • Support the development of the nursing profession, leadership, education and research.
  • Contribute to workforce development strategies.
  • Promote nursing leadership at all levels and all fields
  • Value the professions that contribute to health promotion, education, practice, policies and strategies.

This is achieved by:

  • Communicating and networking regularly with ENDA’s Board and members, their relevant national, international and European organisations.
  • Identifying priorities for action through research, publication, mentorship, support of specific projects, and congress planning.
  • Increasing ENDA’s membership to achieve the strategic aims and annual objectives of the association.
  • Valuing the contribution of its members and seeking to nurture their specific knowledge and skills in support of nursing leadership
  • Evaluating ENDA’s effectiveness by seeking feedback from its members.
  • Investing its financial resources and expertise to target key emerging priorities in nursing leadership in Europe and in accordance with the aims of the organisation.