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Why to join ENDA?

The objective of the association is the promotion of best nursing practice in Hospital and community settings through exemplary leadership of its members.

In particular, this purpose will be achieved by:

  • establishing a communication platform for the exchange of experiences (for example regular meetings of members and use of other (digital communication media) for care managers and their organizations from European countries for the further development of nursing and promotion of nursing science;
  • participating in international and national events with a high level of practical experience in the field of nursing (specialist congresses), for example through own contributions of a scientific and instructive nature and from practical experience, by bringing in the own expertise of the members;
  • influencing the education and further training in the field, for example through active support in the creation of teaching concepts, not least also as a result of the congresses;
  • development of uniform quality standards for inpatient and outpatient care with the aim of improving the well-being of sick people and accelerating the healing process;
  • influencing the furtherance of Nursing standards;
  • participation in the development of European guidelines for nursing care and support for the transition to practice, for example through publications, interviews with administrations of hospitals and nursing homes concerned;
  • encouraging and participating in research projects dealing with the qualification of nursing and improving the well-being of people in need of care;
  • further developing the structures of health care in Europe by providing subject expertise of nursing management in political decision-making processes.

Becoming a member is only possible for persons who are active in focus areas that are in line with the objective of the association and who are willing to work on the activities of the association. Only natural persons, older than twenty-one (21) years can be a member.

For further informations feel free to contact our secretary and treasurer Ms. Gabi Pichler – Email:

Fill in our membership registration form (link registration form) and send it back to ENDA. Then You will receive a membership invoice. Please pay the fee on the following bank account:


European Nurse Directors Association
Oberbank AG Hallein, Austria
IBAN: AT84 1500 0003 8115 8450

Full membership/Associate membership: 90 Euro p.p./year