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20% discount with code hcuk20enda for ENDA members Transforming Acute Care for Older People Living with Frailty TUESDAY  19th SEPTEMBER 2023 VIRTUAL, Online Ward Accreditation for Quality WEDNESDAY 20th SEPTEMBER 2023 VIRTUAL, Online Nurse Prescribing in Paediatrics & Child Health THURSDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 2023 VIRTUAL, Online A Practical Guide to … Read more

forthcoming conferences & masterclass…   Masterclasses – All VIRTUAL, Online MONDAY 10 JUL 2023 Nursing Leadership WEDNESDAY 12 JUL 2023 A Journey Through Empathy and Emotional Awareness in Communication WEDNESDAY 12 JUL 2023 Developing Influence, Persuasion & Negotiating Skills a 20% discount with code hcuk20enda for ENDA members

5 Star Nursing Conference 2023

5 Star Nursing Conference 2023

International Conference 5 Star Nursing 7-8.11.2023 Tallinn, Swissotel Find informations under:  

Reimagining the nursing workload: Finding …

Redesigning care models through intentional delegation and potential tech enablement can free up nurses’ time. Please find more information under:  

WHO report: Health and care workforce in E…

All countries of the WHO European Region currently face severe challenges related to the health and care workforce (‎HCWF)‎. This report focuses on identifying effective policy and planning responses to these HCWF challenges across the Region. The report presents an overview of the HCWF situation in the Region (‎focusing on … Read more

AGM 21.4.23 Vienna

On the  21th of April we  met in Vienna for the AGM 2023. A heartily welcome to our new members from Slovenia, represented by Dejan Doberšek! The night befor the AGM we had a nice time at the restaurant Leopold.

CPD Virtual Online Conferences & Masterclasses

CPD Virtual Online Conferences & Mast…

Find the newest informations under:   20% discount with code hcuk20enda  



The figures given in the present document provide the most up-to-date comparative picture of the situation of healthcare and hospitals Find informations under: Vol. 22 – Effective Workforce Transformation Vol. 22 – Effe…

Iris Meyenburg-Altwarg Interprofessional Competence Acquisition in Times of VUCA