Establishing Pan-European Leadership Academy for Postdoctoral Nurses to Impact Health Care

Nurse leaders are needed to ensure that the distinctive nursing perspective is included in decision-making in
global health care. The World Health Organization in the State of the Worlds Nursing Report called for
governments to invest in nursing education, jobs, and leadership to strengthen nursing for the purpose of
improving health for all.

Postdoctoral nurses need enhanced strategic leadership skills to enable them to actualise their expertise in
health care so that they are able to operate effectively at all levels in organisations within and across

Through this Cost Action: Establishing Pan-European Leadership Academy for Postdoctoral Nurses to
impact health care, -we bring together nurse leaders, scientists, health care professionals and stakeholder
across European countries and beyond to explore ways to strengthen the leadership and position of
postdoctoral nurses, enabling them to positively influence European health care and policy at all levels. This
would lead improved and more cost effective care for patients and families across Europe. The current
consortium includes 22 Cost countries, 10 Inclusiveness Target Countries, 2 International partners and 4
international organization have confirmed participation.

Key Expertise needed for evaluation
Health Sciences
Nursing Science
Postdoctoral Nurses
Leadership development
Academic and professional development
Health care Improvement

ENDA members will receive updates of the COST project when available.