The mentorship program creates a link between students and alumni

For the second time, the University of Tartu has launched a mentorship program for alumni and students at the University of Tartu to bring together experienced leaders and students. The mentorship program has been targeted to motivated students who want to draw experience and inspiration from the leaders of their field in Estonia and in the future, to accomplish something that would change the world.

Tiina Freimann, the Chief Nurse of Tartu University Hospital has graduated from the Diploma study and Master study in nursing and the Doctoral study in Medical Sciences at the University of Tartu. “As a three-time graduate of the University of Tartu, I felt the need to contribute and give something back to the university after this long period of learning,” Tiina Freimann explains her participation in her mentoring program.

Tiina Freimann’s mentee is Marge Vaikjärv, a 6th-year student of Medical Sciences. Marge Vaikjärv is a member of the Student Council in the Council of the Institute of Clinical Medicine. The goal of Vaikjärv in the program is to identify for herself the possibilities of a professional career in the field of work organization and management.

The mentorship program includes workshops on a variety of topics, bringing together all mentors and mentees. There are individual meetings between the mentor, and the mentee can be open and free as conversations are held on specific topics – prerequisites for a management career, career planning, management skills, and other work organization and management issues – are aimed to be covered

“The mentorship program provides an opportunity to set the knowledge obtained from the studies into a different perspective and to support the possibility to view the healthcare system from above a patient’s level or above the community level. In addition, of course, is the important aspect of career planning,” commented mentee Marge Vaikjärv.