ESTnda konverents 2021

ESTnda konverents 2021

Dear Colleagues, We are excited to invite you to the 1st International Conference of the Estonian Nurse Directors Association (EstNDA). The conference for nurse leaders gives a great opportunity to combine the perspectives of practice, education and science to create a comprehensive view on nursing leadership.The conference will be held … Read more

The mentorship program creates a link betw…

For the second time, the University of Tartu has launched a mentorship program for alumni and students at the University of Tartu to bring together experienced leaders and students. The mentorship program has been targeted to motivated students who want to draw experience and inspiration from the leaders of their … Read more

The European nurse directors’ proto-code o…

  This ENDA Proto-Code of Ethics and Conduct offers a platform for reflection for nurse directors, nurse leaders and managers and competent authorities and researchers, based on ethical principles and values. Open document   ENDA Proto-Code of Ethics and Conduct

14. ENDA Congress

ENDA 2019 – The Future, Leadership a…

              The 14th European Nurse Directors Association (ENDA) international congress is held 12-14 September 2019, in Helsinki, Finland. The theme for the congress is ‘The Future, Leadership and Changes’. Preparations for the forthcoming congress have been in full swing for several months. We have … Read more

13th ENDA congress 2017 – Winning Posters

    The best poster presentation 13th ENDA 2017 by Special Congress Committee Winning Posters.Congratulations to the 2017 winner!  –  ZVONIMIR KRALJ, Croatia                       Open PDF document  Winning posters

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